Tuesday, September 30, 2014

My Overdue Post of my Manila Sundance Bazaar Haul

I have just recently discovered my love for bazaars.
Everything at a lower price? I'm definitely game!
And I definitely need new closet staples too.

Good thing there's the Manila Sundace Bazaar.
 (To learn more about what was expected in the Manila Sundance Bazaar, click here.)
At that day, I was really mad at myself for forgetting my camera. The setting is very bohemian and the stalls are quite lovely too. The place was packed and filled with awesome goodies that it's a good thing I only allotted a small budget to it or else.

Aaaaand, here are my hauls!
As I honestly can't remember the prices, I'd just give my budget. At around a thousand bucks, I was able to get the gray pencil skirt, a black knee-length skater skirt, the floral long sleeve as well as the royal blue sleeveless (as seen in the picture). 

But my favorite find out of everything is the one below.
Wet n Wild Megalast lipstick
 I love Wet n Wild Megalast lippies so much because its staying power's real good. I've sipped, bit and chewed yet my lips still has color!
But, I need to place lip balm first before wearing it as my lips tend to dry with just the lipstick alone.
Plus, it's real cheap despite its awesomeness. At the bazaar, the lippie was at 148php (oh gosh, I remembered that and the others I wasn't able to?) but in malls, it'd be priced at 200-300php. 

I can't wait for the second leg of the Manila Sundance Bazaar on November 21-23. This time, I'd definitely bring my mom or go along with a friend. Oh, and I'd never forget my camera (and a few batteries) ever again. Eeep, I can't wait!

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