Thursday, October 2, 2014

Calligraphy Workshop with La Bella Scrittura

This weekend has been one of my best ones this 2014 and what better way to cap it off than with a new hobby again! (My inner artist wannabe is squealing).

Thanks to my loving brother (who gave me funds), I was able to learn the delights of calligraphy with La Bella Scrittura. 
Grabbed from their instagram
Just a little background, the Bellas, composing of A, B, C, G, J and K (so sorry but I can't remember their names and that's what they call each other) became friends, through their shared passion for calligraphy, on Instagram. In time, they began to offer nibs, holders and inks for those who practice calligraphy. Later on, they came up with workshops as well for beginners.

Grabbed from their instagram

Their workshop gave us an introduction to the basics of calligraphy. For a fee of 2000php, we were given the following:

It was an amazing experience! The instructors were very friendly and really do help when we students came across a rut. The worksheets did help me get the feel of how to hold the nib holder as well as guiding the nib to the paper. 

At the end, we were asked to write a word or a phrase in a card. Whichever work gets the bellas approval would bring home two nibs. Though it wasn't me, I raucously applaud the winner because she can do it real well during that day.
Here are the others, taking their work home
I need to practice more!
Once more, I have found another new hobby! The calligraphy workshop was a really great experience and I'd definitely practice more to get the ones that I'd write instagrammable. :)

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