Monday, November 24, 2014

How Women Deal

Music reflects life. Sometimes.
There are a lot of music that tell the story of love and loss.
But mostly, music talks about love. Love for that significant other, for your friends and for your family.
But it's also common to see the loss of love that can either be breaking it off or losing that someone to death.  Or simply losing your significant other to your curvy, alluring neighbor.
So, how do women deal?
How do they deal when they realize that the person they love is jumping in the sheets of another?
Two striking videos showed two very different reactions. My question to you is, are you either of the two?

The two videos that immediately depict how a woman reacts to such incident are this
And this

Sam Smith's music video in a nutshell tells the story of a woman appearing fine in front of her husband even when she has uncovered a secret of his. A secret that would tear them apart. And yet, what does she do? When you read the lyrics, every single line of the song shows just what she felt; the realization, the pain of not being enough and yet she still remains by his side. She goes by with what the guy gives, maybe even consoling herself that at least, he comes at night to her.

Taylor Swift's, on the other hand, shows the opposite axis. The first part shows how happy the couple are dancing to their song, eating together and just spending time with each other. Until the girl realizes how the guy smiles more to his phone than to her. So she pulls out all the big guns. Marring portraits, trashing his car and ruining his clothes. She shows through her actions the turmoil inside her till she finds a new one.

These two are very distinct in depicting how a woman can react to losing her love to possibly another person. It's either she silently brings hurt to herself, crying and yet rationalizing that maybe, she's simply not enough. Or, it could be the all-out war kind where she throws anything at the guy.

Each women deal differently with such problems. Do you agree with how they dealt with it? Have you done what the videos show in any of your relationships? Or does one precede the other?


  1. Hi Camille!

    Great post! I personally love both of the songs :) I don't know how I feel about how they deal with their relationships though since I haven't been in one myself yet :D

    New Bloglovin and GFC follower!

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  2. Hmm, I have been through this in my past relationship and I would think that you go through the feeling of asking the question "why"? Barraging your self-worth and then you realize that it is not worth it and indeed, there are still many fishes in the ocean. And you move on :)

  3. I prefer Taylor Swift's version on how to deal with those playful men. You have to show them what you really feel.

  4. This two songs I love the most! Its do meaningful and every word describes something.

  5. I'm a guy and I don't agree with video 1. I'll call my lawyer right ahead if i were that woman.

    In video 2, I guess the guy is playing Clash of Titans on his phone LOL. Seriously, If Taylor Swift is my girl and she messed up with my things... most especially to my books and my gunplas. I don't know... that's why i prefer a relationship with similar likes and not with opposite likes.

  6. Angelo The ExplorerNovember 27, 2014 at 9:33 AM

    Women do deal differently with each of the problems. But what is more important is what we learned at the end of all of these. Men I think is also the same. It hurts sometimes.. But this is the reality!

  7. Women are very unique and unpredictable. I just watched that MV on Taylor Swift and I swear most women can relate to that. Thank you for sharing with us your ideas! :)

  8. i thought sam smith is the daughter of pepe smith LOL! its sanya smith pala..anyway great song will download this.. :)

  9. I totally agree. Girls, ladies and women have different ways of coping pain. Girls (younger ones) would eventually lock themselves on their room and cry a river. Ladies (mid age) would console from family & friends. Some would be like Taylor Swift and go crazy trying to unleash their anger & sorrow. While women (usually married and older) would still hang on simply because they have a marriage to hold, a relationship to save and a family to protect. :)

  10. Yes. I agree. When there are others (especially kids) involved, they'd try to keep the marriage

  11. I totally agree! It's what you get out of it and it depends on what you do with the lessons you've learned

  12. Lol. If he were indeed playing Clash of Clans, it'd be totally funny. Yes, I agree with what you said with regard to video 1.

  13. Yes. And at the same time learn when to draw the line (and hopefully not kill your significant other).

  14. Sorry for asking but are you and your ex in speaking terms?

  15. Hi Olivia! Thanks for reading
    I think I'm following you already :)

  16. Haha, the one who cheated on me? Naahh. :) By the way, the comments section looks fine now :)

  17. Yeaah, you're truly better off without him. Thank you! ^^

  18. haha no I won't kill him :))


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