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Blog Tour: Icy Pretty Love by L.A. Rose


Icy Pretty Love by L.A. Rose
NA, Romance
Release Date: November 15, 2014
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Glass-doll beauty. A shy, proper smile. Georgette Montgomery is the perfect billionaire’s fiancé.

Or she would be, if she existed.

A dark past. A smile that hides everything. At nineteen, Rae Grove escapes her disaster life by pretending to be other people—specifically, whoever the man paying her that night wants her to be.

Until she’s offered enough money for a one-way ticket to a better life. All she has to do is fly to Paris and pretend to be the fiancé of young business tycoon Cohen Ashworth for one month. Within an hour of meeting Cohen, Rae knows three things about him:

1. He hates everyone and everything.

2. He has abundant wit and a knife-sharp tongue.

3. He uses 2 to make everyone aware of 1.

Before long, Rae’s determined to crack open his unbreakable shell. Cohen’s determined to stay unbroken.

But no one escapes unscathed when two opposite worlds collide.


“So you want me to change.” His jaw is taut.

“You need to change, or you’re not going to get what you want,” I say. He needs to hear it. “And you’re going to be miserable your whole life—”

“I don’t know how to change!” he says loudly.

I stop, half-expecting the divider separating us from the driver to roll down, but it doesn’t. We’re still alone in the backseat. I should be afraid, should be recoiling the way
I do whenever a man raises his voice to me. But when I reach for the fear, I don’t find it. All I find is…pity?

“I know what I am. What I’m like.” His voice cracks, just slightly, but he masters it. “If I
could be different, I would. Do you understand that? I’m not like you. I can’t slip on someone else’s persona like changing my clothes.”

That stupid twinge of pity turns into a full-fledged needle. I’m very familiar with that shadow in his voice, because it’s been in my heart for years. Self-loathing. At least I can escape myself by being other people. He doesn’t even have that luxury.

Stop it, Rae. Don’t you dare feel sorry for him. He has everything you’ve ever wanted, remember?

“That’s bullshit,” I say bluntly. “You can change. Anyone can change.”

“Show me.”


He turns his full gaze directly on me, and I lose myself for a brief second in those ice eyes. “Show me how to be someone else. You do it so easily. You’re getting paid enough, I might as well get some use out of you.”

“You mean like…give you niceness lessons?”

He grimaces. “I’d rather we didn’t call it that.”

“Well…” I hesitate.

“Please,” he says emotionlessly. And if I had to bet on it, I’d say it was damn near the first time that word had passed through those perfect lips.

Georgette Montgomery --  rather, Rae Grove has a past she wanted to forget and all it takes is to fake an engagement with the mean (well, mean doesn't even cut it) Cohen Ashworth. In their month together, they came to learn about and later on, open their hearts to each other. Will the fragile bond between them grow into something stronger or will it break because of their hidden demons?

Plot-wise, it is something you usually see in NA books. The girl, having a shady past, wants to live and forget and the last job that would grant her her security from ever doing dirty work again. Unfortunately (or fortunately, rather) her client has more issues than her own. While working through it together, they fell in love. Typical typical.

And yet, what makes this story beautiful are the characters. I love Cohen and Rae. They complement each other perfectly. Rae, being a stubborn, strong-willed girl, breaks through Cohen's thick wall of snide remarks and harsh statements. At times, it makes me think of Rae as a masochist because Cohen can be hardheaded with his antics too. It's really nice to see Rae to not give up and at the same time never lose herself while trying to help Cohen with his meanness problem. She's still the same Rae you'd come to love: strong and resilient. 

There are times when I want to punch Cohen in the face and yet most of the time, I want to hug him. You can see the change in him as the story progresses and it makes you truly believe that people can in face change for the better. I really like books that show the person gradually changing and not all in one smack. If habits die hard, what more if it's ingrained in one's personality right? 

Icy Pretty Love is more than just romance. Sure, there is plenty of that here but it also talks about change, acceptance of one's failures yet being strong enough to move forward.

I SAY. . .

L.A. Rose recently made it out of college alive and with an English degree. She's a habitual beach bum, a cuteness aficionado, and a not-quite-recovered romance addict. She's a big believer in laughter as medicine and steaminess as...more medicine. You can never have enough medicine. Icy Pretty Love is her third New Adult standalone.



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