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Book Review - Z Plan: Red Tides by Mikhail Lerma

Z Plan: Red Tides (Z Plan #2)
by Mikhail Lerma
Post-apocalyptic, Zombies, Horror, Military
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After barely escaping the Middle East alive in Z PLAN:BLOOD ON THE SAND, Cale finds himself on a journey not many men could endure. When he deployed to Iraq he never could have known the world would soon be overrun by a deadly virus, turning the human race into a walking nightmare. His story picks up right where it left off in BLOOD ON THE SAND. After days of drifting alone in the open sea, he is sure the chance of rescue is hopeless. His thoughts nearly drive him mad until finally a voice crackles over the boat radio. Only his rescue isn't quite what he imagined it would be.

Cale will have to trust his instincts, and let his wits aid him as he continues his grueling mission to make it home. Follow Cale as he travels land and sea in book two of the Z PLAN series.

To read my review of the first book, Z Plan: Blood on the Sand, click here.

If the first has left you hanging, this one will leave you hanging and haunted.
Not because of the horrors of the infected (which is already very scary)
but also of what's happening to Cale.

Cale is now facing more than just the undead. Having witnessed not only the deaths of those whom he came to know personally or even for a short time, he now also faces his own guilt. He believes to have been the one to cause the deaths of those he had been responsible for.

"Then why am I the only one here?" Cale sobbed. "You guys trusted me, and it was my ideas that got you killed."

And the same cycle of hope and hopelessness goes again. One does not overpower the other, giving the readers a reason to cheer Cale on to his mission of going home to his family at all costs.

The thing that I like in this book is that it now gave more details as to how Lauren is coping, along with her daughter, Marie. On her side, she battles the advances of another survivor, Ben.

Lauren just stood there awkwardly. She knew how he felt, but now he'd said it. He'd done so much for them, and if things had been different; if she'd never met Cale, then maybe. But she was married, and committed to Cale.

And I love that about her. She reminds me of another Lauren but Cale's Lauren is utterly devoted to her husband and, despite the dire consequences, she still believed that he would come back (hold on Lauren).

The second book's pace fits to my liking better than the first. It now makes me, as a reader, want to keep on shouting at Cale to keep moving because he cannot, CANNOT die and leave his family behind. There a lot of terrible close calls that had my heart stopping for a time or two and all I can do is to shout "NO! NO!" to my e-reader every time that happens.

I honestly cannot wait for the third book. Now that Cale is back to his roots, would he finally be able to be with his family? (August, please come now.)


Mikhail Lerma was raised in the small town of Holdrege Nebraska. In the third grade he wrote his
first short story, in which the main character was a monkey. Not taking his career as a writer too seriously after that, he finished his high school years by joining the army when he was only 17.He spent 10 years in the army starting as a truck driver and eventually becoming a combat medic.

While deployed to Iraq in 2007 he spent missions in a turret as gunner. In his free time he began writing a story having nothing to do with monkeys. Only time will tell if this was a good career move. With encouragement from his friends and family he decided to start taking his writing seriously. Storytelling has become a passion of his, with a strong interest in horror and science fiction.He is currently going to school to become a paramedic, and finishing his first series for Permuted Press.

He lives in Iowa with his wife and three daughters. He does not have a pet, but if anyone would like to donate a male dog to level out the hormones in his house that would be much appreciated..

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